Kathleen Darroch

Living on North Devon’s glorious coastline, with a view above my laptop’s screen over rugged coastline straight across the Bristol Channel to the Welsh Coast, who wouldn’t feel creative?

One glance at the limitless sea beyond my window and I’m inspired…

Kate Darroch

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Writing Medieval Court Intrigue as Kathleen Darroch

My first piece of medieval historical fantasy was inspired by the Patient Griselda fairy tale. I loathed that fairy story. I practically breathed flames every time I thought of it.  And so one day I just sat down and started to write it the way I thought that it should have been.  

That’s how Gathering Rue was born.

Elda’s story covers a very long action period and her life is inextricably interwoven with the lives of 3 other women and 2 men, so when I wrote The End, I knew that it wasn’t really the end because the Royal Bride was already very nearly writing herself… So then Lily’/b> piped up “Doesn’t my life mean anything?” and I just knew that this saga of strong brave caring women needed to be told and that I would never stop writing it…

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