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Hi there! I’m Kate, writer of the Màiri Maguire Cozy Mysteries.

I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

Kate Darroch

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I write Cozies set in the 1970s because for me that was a Golden Period. I have fond memories of the years 1970 to 1975; which is where all the Màiri Maguire stories are set.

My mysteries are not even slightly autobiographical, but I am “writing what I know” and what I know well. There were many women much like Màiri and Lianna and Katriona and Morag in the Glasgow of their day, everyday heroines. I’d like you to meet some of them.

It is no accident that Ellis Peverel is written as a wealthy English gentleman with a military background. That a man of his stamp and a woman of Màiri’s attitudes could become friends is a sign of the times. It would have been highly unlikely to happen in an earlier Britain.

Màiri’s story begins in August 1970, which was a very exciting time to be a woman – the world was opening up to us and we really believed that we could be agents of massive positive change.

The craziness of the Swinging Sixties was a memory, not how we lived our lives. We had sensible goals: family, work, community, education, style, self-realisation, prosperity, spirituality.

We were all mad for education in the Britain of the 1970s and that is reflected in Màiri’s attitudes; she is a child of her era.

We were far more prejudiced in the 1970s, without even being aware of it (fish don’t know what water is) than would be at all acceptable today, and to a lesser extent that also is reflected in Màiri’s attitudes.

There’s nothing sentimental in Màiri’s world; it was a time when the emphasis was on Doing. Also a time when Scots Irish Catholics were grateful to be permitted, at last, to follow our faith without active discrimination against us, although there was still a lot of prejudice.

It was also an era of tolerance; many things which had been hidden for centuries, matters of individual choice – such as homosexuality – could be brought into the open. Many wrongs were righted, or measures began to be put into place then for the righting of shocking wrongs.

But 1970 to 1975 in Britain and Europe was very far from being Utopian. An unacknowledged guerrilla war, called The Troubles, was being waged in Ireland, with spill-over wherever Irish people lived or gathered – and that war was at its height.

Terrorist activity – which was true Freedom Fighting, an attempt to bring into the court of world opinion the dreadful treatment of most of the Irish people by their English overlords and all of the Irish Catholics by their Irish Protestant masters  – reached heights hitherto undreamt of (although it looks pretty tame in a post 9-11 world).

Màiri lives in this world and loves it. Love is the Keynote of her character. She accepts The Troubles because she has never known anything else; she makes the best of things, and a very good best it is. She’s grateful for the Good Things and philosophical about the Bad Things. Màiri doesn’t waste her time raging against the dying of the light – she doesn’t rage against anything – she just rolls up her sleeves and cleans up the mess.

And she cares. In a thousand small ways and a few big ones (such as preventing the bombing of Paris) Màiri works to leave the world a better place than she found it, and her aim is bang on target! But she isn’t always working – far from it. Màiri’s world is a fun place.


These Cozy Mysteries are like all Cozies. Entertaining. They exist to give people a respite from a difficult world by transporting them to another and better world. But the better world in these stories is not an illusion. It’s how things were back in the 1970s for many women; it’s how things could be today for millions more. Embrace Màiri – she will hug you back…

So come on in and have some ’talie ice-cream with us, and let’s have a bit of a craic!

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